the movement party

Time, Travel: Amsterdam

PerronOostCoordSupervisor cottage in Cruquisweg

Performers: Matias Daporta Gonzalez & collaborators

Of Note: Museum Perron Oost occupies a small stretch of track and the adjacent supervisor cottage that used to connect routes to the Eastern Dockyards. In 2013, the section and cottage were saved from destruction and renovated. The track area was paved with cobblestones and planted with trees that flank on either side. A wagon still remains with a piece of original track, as a testament to the 150-year history of the Eastern Dockyards—originally a trade site for livestock and goods from the Dutch Empire.

Time, Travel: Rhode Island


Westerly Train Station and Track Sidings

Performers: Zena Bibler and Anne Zuerner

Active: 1837-present
Length: Originally part of the Providence-Stonington line, then the New York Providence & Boston Railroad (NYP&B), later the New York, New Haven & Hartford line (NYNH&H), now connects with Amtrak service between Newport News and Boston.
Construction: Current Westerly station: 2 years (1912-1913)
Of Note: Built in the style of Spanish Revival—interest in the country’s colonial Spanish ties was strong due to the recent admission of Arizona and New Mexico as states earlier that year. New station was needed as part of “curve reduction” project undertaken by New Haven. Original fare was $0.06 per passenger per mile or $0.25 per ton of freight per mile.

Time, Travel: Virginia

Blue Ridge TunnelThe Blue Ridge Tunnel

Performers: Kim Brooks Mata and Katie Baer Schetlick

Active: 1858 – 1944
Length: 7/8 of a mile
Construction: 8 years (pre-dynamite and drills)
Labor: Over 1,000 Irish immigrants and slaves. Working 6 days/week. For $1 a day.
Engineer: Claudius Crozet
Of Note: At the time it was the longest tunnel in America. First passageway through the Blue Ridge Mountains to the West. Strategically used as a crossing through the Blue Ridge Mountains by Confederate soldiers during the American Civil War. Awarded Historic National Civil Engineering Landmark.

Many thanks to Clann Mhór for their passionate research of the Blue Ridge Railroad Project

Time, Travel with The Movement Party

Join us online for a networked performance

The Movement Party at NADA Hudson

The Movement Party has been asked to create a new performance for The Transcontinental Express exhibition at the Museum Perron Oost. We will be dancing in three separate geographic locations and connecting via a video feed. You can catch the action in real time on Twitter by following @MVMTparty.

August 31st
1pm, EST // 7pm CEST

In Time, Travel we position ourselves between several technologies that have redefined how we experience space, time, and connection to each other—from webs of iron and steel that connected entire continents to digital networks that allow users to communicate far beyond the reaches of physical presence. Dancing together from the separate satellites of Rhode Island, Virginia, and Amsterdam, we will create a nonlinear time and place in which to contemplate our relationship to time, distance, and presence across the two, and how these concepts evolve in relation to the technologies we interact with. In constant transit between time zones, geographic locations, and overlapping historical contexts,Time, Travel invites participants to transcend preconceived systems of time and space, and act as navigators, or travelers of time.

For progress updates and information about the locations we’ll be broadcasting from, visit our blog.