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Time, Travel: Rhode Island


Westerly Train Station and Track Sidings

Performers: Zena Bibler and Anne Zuerner

Active: 1837-present
Length: Originally part of the Providence-Stonington line, then the New York Providence & Boston Railroad (NYP&B), later the New York, New Haven & Hartford line (NYNH&H), now connects with Amtrak service between Newport News and Boston.
Construction: Current Westerly station: 2 years (1912-1913)
Of Note: Built in the style of Spanish Revival—interest in the country’s colonial Spanish ties was strong due to the recent admission of Arizona and New Mexico as states earlier that year. New station was needed as part of “curve reduction” project undertaken by New Haven. Original fare was $0.06 per passenger per mile or $0.25 per ton of freight per mile.

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