the movement party

Classes & Workshops


Through a series of experiments and exercises we will use our bodies as primary investigators to define and examine the larger political, social, and organizational choreographies already at work in public spaces. Together we will increase our awareness of the ways our own and other bodies are informed by systems such as architecture, urban planning, transit, behavioral norms, surveillance, as well as our own expectations, in order to investigate how improvisation might work as a tool to increase our awareness and agency within these intersecting systems.

Sensory Walks

Unplug your phone, take out your earbuds and join us in a practice of virtuosic sensing. Together we will hone our practices of perception—What do we notice? What do we overlook? What sensory information do we tune out in order to go about our daily activities? Through activities such as choreographic viewing, sensory attunement exercises, and intentional wandering, we will use our bodies to examine the world around us, expanding our awareness of the many overlapping systems that we navigate—often without noticing that we are doing so.

Morning Movement / Integrative Techniques

Integrative techniques is a team-taught class that seeks to distill the basic elements of dance practice, performance, and composition. Suitable for professionals and non-dancers alike, these classes cover a range of concepts such as experiential anatomy, choreographic thinking, sensory awareness, dynamic partnering, and overlapping rhythmic systems. Developed while in residency at the International Dance Theatres Festival in Lublin, Poland and Fleet Moves Dance Festival in Wellfleet, Massachusetts.

The Body Awareness Jam

In each class, we begin by focusing on our individual anatomies, expanding our range and repertoire of movements that are available to each part or system. Without losing track of our own physical bodies, we move on to explore the structural and social bodies of the room, drawing new lines of flight between self and surrounding space. Over the course of the class, we work to take ourselves apart and put ourselves back together, emerging with a renewed sense of integrity and complexity that extends beyond studio practice and has the possibility to inform perception and practice of daily life.