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Announcing Fleet Moves 2014

Mark your calendars for the 3rd annual Fleet Moves Dance Festival,  July 7-11, 2014 in Wellfleet, Cape Cod.


Fleet Moves 2013 — “Signal”  // photo: Whitney Browne

Stay tuned for updates about programming and projects in the coming months. We’ll be back in Wellfleet this summer with more performances, classes, workshops, sensory experiences, and collaborative experiments. We hope you’ll join us!

Time, Travel: Virginia

Blue Ridge TunnelThe Blue Ridge Tunnel

Performers: Kim Brooks Mata and Katie Baer Schetlick

Active: 1858 – 1944
Length: 7/8 of a mile
Construction: 8 years (pre-dynamite and drills)
Labor: Over 1,000 Irish immigrants and slaves. Working 6 days/week. For $1 a day.
Engineer: Claudius Crozet
Of Note: At the time it was the longest tunnel in America. First passageway through the Blue Ridge Mountains to the West. Strategically used as a crossing through the Blue Ridge Mountains by Confederate soldiers during the American Civil War. Awarded Historic National Civil Engineering Landmark.

Many thanks to Clann Mhór for their passionate research of the Blue Ridge Railroad Project

The MVMT Party makes an appearance in Charlottesville, VA

A Dance Score for Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall

A Dance Score for the Downtown Mall,  was presented by concorDance contemporary and The Movement Party as part of the 2013 Tom Tom Founders’ Festival. Inspired by the collaborative work of architect Lawrence Halprin, the designer of Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall, and dance icon Anna Halprin, the dance score lead audience members (including the random passerby and Sunday brunch goer) on a tour of Lawrence’s design through his wife Anna’s medium—movement.

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