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MVMT and Friends at FAB

This weekend we were joined by MVMT collaborators Emma Hoette, Sara Genoves-Sylvan, Rishauna Zumberg, and Zoe Rabinowitz in performing new and adapted works at Fourth Arts Block’s annual FAB Festival.

Modern Dancing

Sara Genoves-Sylvan adapted a participatory score she created for Fleet Moves Dance Festival in Waltz: Fourth Street:

Site-specific improvisation in reaction to environmental structures and viewer input. During the performance, viewers are invited to speak to the performer about the details of each environment—historical or mythical.

Emma Hoette performed a version of (In)Visible Currents, appearing out of a basement door near the Fourth Street Co-op:

“(In)Visible Currents” began as an exploration of how to see movement—as the dress fills with water, movements become legible not only on the dancer’s body but also in the body of water inside the dress. It has become an exploration that reminds us of the beauty that resides in things unseen, or so often seen that their beauty is overlooked.

And The Movement Party performed a new score based antique dancing manuals.

“Modern Dancing” is a participatory movement score that draws from historical dance etiquette manuals. Using exercises from vintage books that profess to teach readers “How to Dance”, “How to Dance Well”, and “How and What to Dance”, we will take turns re-imagining all the rules with our present day bodies.


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