the movement party

Letter #3

Keep in touch with the rest of the party through active correspondence.

Letters From Your Representatives take the form of questions. How you choose to answer them is up to you. Send us a text, drawing, video, photo, or other responses of your choice. To submit, email your “letter” to[at]


What movements do you make to be cool?

Letter #2

Tell us a secret. Or find us a secret in plain sight.

Be alert on subways, in offices, and at home. They are everywhere.

As always, posts can take any form and should be emailed to[at]

Here are some inspirations to get you started.

in those jeans
KP | Brooklyn | 5/25/2011

some triangles
Baer | Brooklyn | 5/25/2011

(this is silly and dumb and to all my coffee shop crushes…)
H.E.K. | Brooklyn | 5/18/2011

Bibler | Brooklyn | 5/16/2011

Bibler | Brooklyn | 5/16/2011

Bibler | Brooklyn | 5/15/2011

Lew | Wellfleet | 5/8/2011

Bibler | Wellfleet | 5/8/2011

Natalie | New York | 5/7/2011

Katie Baer Schetlick | Palestine | 5/5/2011

Letter #1

What does your body think of when it first wakes up?

Ask it and report back.


First off in the morning, my body has ceased to think and my conciousness has to come back to my body. I can only achieve this by some yoga and some meditation where I coax my consiousness back into my body. Its not easy! Once my body starts the thinking process again i can sail through the day. If I don’t do this and I try to rely on my brain, the results aren’t always pretty!

Christina 4/19/2011

…my body asks for a party of this:

First the party, then the movement.

K.C. 4/14/2011

My body says: “why is there such a bright light and such a loud beeping sound; I could swear we’re only halfway through the night…”

A.C. 4/14/2011

“I am grateful that my body is able to get me out of bed each morning!”

Deborah 4/13/2011

“Let’s have a secret snack.”

Bibler 4/12/2011

“My body thinks that it wants more sleep.”

Natalie 4/8/2011

“What shall I put on?”

Roedean 4/7/2011

Bibler 4/4/2011

Baer 4/4/2011