the movement party


(a manifesto in process)

Yvonne. 1965

no to spectacle no to virtuosity no to transformations and magic and make believe no to glamour and transcendency of the star image no to the heroic no to the anti-heroic no to trash imagery no to involvement of performer or spectator no to style no to camp no to seduction of spectator by the wiles of the performer no to eccentricity no to moving or being moved.

Us. 2011

Yes to frivolous movement
Yes to magic and make believe
Yes to feeling the groove
Yes to inappropriate places
Yes to dancing alone
Yes to dancing with others
Yes to simplicity
Yes to extravagance
Yes to twisting
Yes to twirling
Yes to shaking
Yes to stomping
Yes to backing it up
Yes to finding new moves
Yes to sharing moves
Yes to stealing moves
Yes to making moves
Yes to moving and cooking
Yes to moving and washing
Yes to moving and making love.

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