the movement party

$10 Tuesdays. Jump on it!


Today marks the kickoff of $10 Tuesdays, a new initiative to help fund our work this summer, while generating a unique, creative dialogue with our supporters.

Every Tuesday the Movement Party invites you to make a contribution of $10 or more.

In return, a Movement Party Artist will send you one of the following custom-crafted rewards (specially made for YOU):

(1) PLAYLIST: 5 songs to get your day going
(2) BOOKLIST: 3 texts to provoke and enhance your independent studies
(3) SPIRIT GUIDE: an image of an artist/thinker who we think might be of use to you
(4) DANCE VID: made with you in mind


$10 Tuesdays supports our work to present the 3rd annual Fleet Moves Dance Festival in Wellfleet, Cape Cod:

Every little bit counts. $10 Tuesdays allows us to show our appreciation and share a little of our inspiration with you…


Step 1: Click here and make a $10 contribution:
Step 2: Fill out the survey below. Note: this week’s reward (2/4/14) is SPIRIT GUIDE.
Step 3: If you like, shoot us a note about your $10 Tuesday experience! at

*Photo by Whitney Browne

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