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CLASSCLASSCLASS with Zena, Brandin, and Katie

We are so excited to be teaching a workshop as part of CLASSCLASSCLASS. Join us every Wednesday in June at Arts@Renaissance!


Wednesdays in June – 12:30-2:30pm
2 Kingsland Avenue


Images: Jan Welters, Jan Vredeman de Vries, Manuel Mira Godinho

Through a series of experiments and exercises we will use our bodies as primary investigators to define and examine the larger political, social, and organizational choreographies already at work in public spaces. Together we will increase our awareness of the ways our own and other bodies are informed by systems such as architecture, urban planning, transit, behavioral norms, surveillance, as well as our own expectations, in order to investigate how improvisation might work as a tool to increase our awareness and agency within these intersecting systems.

Taught by: Brandin Steffensen, Zena Bibler, and Katie Schetlick for CLASSCLASSCLASS.

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